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Indian Brand, International Quality.

We are a Premium shirt brand based in India, which makes high-quality shirts. We have customers from India, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa.

Premium Shirts in India

Most of the Indian shirts are mass-produced that lack quality & durability.

We are founded by a fashion designer who actually know about the clothing and the issues faced by the wearer. We are a first shirt company in India, that invented Belly Fit (Other companies only makes Slim and Regular fits).

The goal is to make clothes that are durable, comfortable and that lasts longer.
Adopt sustainability to ensure more job creations and reduce carbon footprints.

Shirt Brand for Men who live Quality Life.

Branded Shirts India

Unlike Popular Brands, we are very approachable & solve the sartorial issues that people face.

Privee Paris Quality

Privee Paris Shirts India

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Our Vision and Goal is to make a Global Indian Brand.
The problem which America failed to Solve, we solved it first by inventing Belly Fit Shirts. (Obesity is rising in the USA, but shirt companies are still stuck with slim fit/regular fit shirts which don't cater to the requirements of obese people.)

India's share in Global fashion is negligible. Foreign fashion brands are present in India but Indian fashion brands abroad are negligible.
Our vision is to make Global Indian Brand with our Quality, Innovation, and Ethical Practices.

Vision is Sustainability.

sustainable shirt brand in india
There are so many Indian shirt brands but very few of them will talk about their role and impact they are causing at the environment.
Look around us! Water crisis. Severe air pollution. Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. It's high time we should change the way we consume things.

We don't use plastic in our packaging. We don't use plastic/petroleum-based fabrics and plastic buttons in our shirts. Our production method is environment friendly. Which means no micro-plastic in the river or sea. No plastic in the landfill. Our clothes are well-made and can last longer. Which means less wastage.