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Indian Premium-Luxury Shirt Brand.
Why buy Normal? When you can have Quality.

Privee Paris Shirts fill the gap of Quality which lacks in the mass-market Shirts.
(No loose buttons, no dull fabric, no frays. Well-Made, finely stitched shirts.)

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Live Quality Life (Healthy Linen Shirts).

Linen Shirts

For Your Special Day (Wedding Shirts).

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For the Unstoppable.

Move on in Beautifully Well Made Formal Shirts.
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Do you have a Tummy? Don't fit in.

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Zero Collar Shirt (for Bandhgala).

Zero Collar Shirt

Why Linen is Must this Summer.

Temperature is rising up to 40 °C.
We have personally experienced that linen shirts are cooler than cotton shirts.
Our Linen Shirts are easy to Iron and great for formals.
Linen shirts might seems costly for some, but it's worth of investment.
Try Linen Shirts and you will love it.

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