Shirt Collar Design, Types and Style

Shirt Collar Design, Types and Style.

A collar is a Pivotal point of a shirt. The shirt is sized from its collar only.
You will find here about all shirt collar design and its types for Men.

Shirt Collar Design Band Collar

Band Collar (Grandad Collar)

Band collared shirt consists of a band only. It has no collar.
Band collar has a button on the band itself.

Band Collar India

Band collar is also known as Grandad collar because in the industrial era it was popular among the working class.

Band collar is technically different from Mandarin collar or Chinese collar. A mandarin collar is not practical on shirts. Mandarin collar is functional on Jackets only. Bandhgala or Nehru Jacket is made of the mandarin collar.

 Mandarin Collar vs Band Collar

You will find Band collars in Casual Shirts, Wedding Shirts, and Linen Shirts. Band Collar is meant for a relaxed feel.

Mandarin Collar (Chinese Collar)

Mandarin collar consists of a band only. Unlike, band collar, the mandarin collar is attached inside the lining of the jacket. Mandarin collar is not functional on shirts, because the shirt is made from single fabric and doesn't have linings inside.
Mandarin collar doesn't consist of a button on the band.

Mandarin Collar

Band Vs Mandarin Collar
1. Band collar is English. Mandarin is Chinese.
2. Band collar consists of a button on the band itself, but the Mandarin collar has no button on the band.
3. Band collar has no gap when closed. Mandarin collar has a gap at the center.

Shirt Collar Band vs Mandarin

Spread Collar

The spread collar is a standard classic collar with points of the same length. The distance between the two points is 5 inches when spread. Formal shirts and Business shirts have spread collars, suitable for wearing ties.

Spread Collar

Spread collar shirt is the most popular shirt for formal occasions.

Cutaway Collar

Variation of a spread collar. In this style, the distance between the points is about 6-8 inches. Modern shirt for big tie knots. A formal shirt collar design.

Cut Away Collar

Button-Down Collar

Button-down collar (also known as sports collar) is the same as spread collar, but with buttons at the collar points. This shirt is for casual purposes. Pair it with jeans or chinos.

Button Down Collar

Zero Collar (Invented in India, by Indian Fashion Designer)

A typical collared shirt consists of band and collar.
Zero collar is a collarless shirt, without band and collar.
Unlike western countries, where the weather is cold and people wear a suit and shirt underneath. India being a hot weather country, the suit is not practical and people are more inclined towards Bandhgala jacket, Nehru jacket, Sherwani, Jodhpuri suit etc. from a cultural point of view.
Zero collar is the shirt to be worn underneath Bandhgala jacket.

Zero Collar

Parallel Collar

The width of the collar remains the same. A semi-formal shirt for a stylish look.

Parallel Collar

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