how to take measurement of a shirt

How to know your shirt size online in India (Complete Guide)

A very simple guide, about men's shirt size, decoded (Complete Guide).

A shirt is always measured by a collar. The collar is the pivot point for a men's shirt.
Collar length is universal. Other measurements like chest, waist, sleeves, the shoulder can be different for different countries or manufacturers.

We will show how to take measurement of a Shirt and how to take measurement of your body.

1. Shirt Measurement
2. Body Measurement

1. Shirt Measurement


To measure a collar, take measurement tape from one end to another end from the base of the collar.

How to measure a shirt collar

If you don't have measurement tape with you, look for the tag/label/sticker.
If you see size 40 in a shirt's tag/label/sticker, this means that the length of the collar is 40 cm.
Similarly, size 42 means, the length of the collar is 42 cm.

A size 40 shirt from one brand may have 42 inches chest length, and for another brand, it may have 44 inches chest length.

A size 40 shirt in Slim fit may have 42 inches chest length, and for Regular fit, it may have 46 inches chest-length within the same brand.

Whatever, the brand is, collar size is the same for every brand.


Take the measurement from joints at the underarm from one end to another. Double it. Shirt measured below is of 21.25 (front) + 21.25 (back) = 42.5 inches.

How to measure a chest


Take the measurement as illustrated from one end to another. Double it. Shirt measured below is of 20.25 (front) + 20.25 (back) = 40.5 inches.

How to measure a waist

Now you know, shirt size, let's move on to find your match.


How to measure sleeve size: From the shoulder and arm joints (seem) till the cuff.

How to measure a sleeve length of a shirt

Shirt Length

From base of the collar till the end of the shirt.

How to measure a length of a shirt


From top joint of shoulder and sleeve till the the underarm joint. Double the measurements.

How to measure shirt armhole


From center of the button hole till the center of the button.

How to measure shirt cuff


From top joint of shoulder and sleeve, across another another joint of the shoulder and sleeve, passing through the base of collar.

How to measure a shoulder of shirt


2. Body Measurement


Put the index finger between the tape and neck while measuring the neck. You will get your collar size.
If your neck length is 39.2 then round it off, and choose the shirt with collar size 40.

The collar size of a shirt is the same as your neck size. See this video on how to measure the neck for a collar.


How to measure chest size

It's easy, take your chest measurement (widest part of your chest).
Just add 4-5 inches for space and total is your Shirt chest length. This is for the slim fit.

If you want loose fitting, add 5-8 inches to the chest length.

If your chest measurement is 38 inches, then add 4-5, the total 42-43 is your final shirt length.

Your final Shirt size is 40 with collar 40 cm, Chest 42 inches, Waist, sleeves, shoulder and shirt length is automatically graded according to the collar and chest.
So basically you have to look for the only collar, chest, and fitting (slim or regular), when you select a shirt.

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