Why our shirts are costly? Fair Price Policy

First Thing First:
This brand is not for people who wear T-shirts in the wedding parties and at desk office jobs or people who only see color and photo of shirt and never care to read the details.
We can also manufacture and sell Rs.800-1000 shirts, but we are not interested in that kind of business. Our vision is to be a Global Indian brand and we can never be a such brand, if we do a business of cheaply made shirts.

Luxury/Wedding Shirts:

T-shirts are not an attire to be wore on the wedding parties. Wedding shirts are not meant for daily wearing, obviously it will come with price.
These days, women are wearing Lehenga of Rs.30000 to 1-8 Lacs on wedding functions. Our wedding shirts for men are priced at average of Rs.3000.
Don't expect wedding shirts at the price of T-shirts.

Linen Shirts:

Cost of 100% Pure Linen Shirt in 60 LEA in the Indian market is around Rs.3000.

Linen shirts priced at the range of Rs.2000 are not pure linen. They are either mixed ones or made of Ramie. They are mixed with cotton and percentage is never revealed to consumers.

Ramie the Produce of China gets harsher after every wash and itches to the skin, whereas linen fabrics gets softer after every wash and becomes very much soothing to skin.

We sell our Linen shirts in 100% Pure Linen in 60 LEA made from European flax, starting at price Rs.2599.

Construction cost:

If a builder is making a building with low-quality material, for example, he adds less cement and more sand in mortar against the prescribed ratio, this will result in a weak building.

Similarly, in construction of clothes, thread acts as cement and its ratio (number of stitches per inch) defines durability of clothes.
Higher the SPI, the higher strength, the higher the time, the higher the cost.
To save time and cost, and increase production, companies use less SPI.

Costliest Shirt Brand in India

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Plastic is cheap and causes pollution. Button made of Mother of Pearls comes with a price.

Privee Paris Luxury Brand

No Cheap Labor.
Not all tailors are the same. Some tailors are paid Rs.6000 per month against the land of the law of minimum salary wage. We don't do the exploitation of our own people. Our tailors are paid above Rs.14000 per month.

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