VIP Services for Savvy Customers , Elders, NRIs and Foreigners.

Let's say you are attending a marriage and you are required to wear a Yellow Shirt for Haldi Ceremony. You searched all brands but didn't get the shirt in your size.

We offer:
Shirts for Weddings, Haldi Ceremony, and Mehdi Ceremony in Custom size.

Many people Run away after visiting our website.

Savvy Customers (One who apply logic, not impulse buyer):

But smart people message us with their requirements and get their requirements fulfilled. Whether you are looking for a particular color, size, or design, you can approach us.


Old age people have different bodies. They prefer comfort over showoff. Most of the elders struggle to find shirts of their size with popular brands, hence they prefer tailored clothes. We offer custom-size shirts for elders.

NRIs and Foreigners:

Indian textiles are way more colorful than textiles available in Western countries. We offer free shipping worldwide. Non-resident Indians or foreigners who love Indian clothes can shop from us without worrying about size and high shipping charges.