Trolls (Warning For You)

We only cater Gentlemen.

Humble Request to All, Please refrain from Posting Abusive Comments on Our Social Media like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Please understand, it's a CRIME.

We are very friendly brand and all criticism are welcome, however if you use un-parliamentary language against us on our social media property then Remember, you are traceable and you might land in serious trouble like Jail.

When we run facebook ads, we often receive hateful comments from non-customers who are mostly young jobless people who argue with us over price.
If you can't afford our products, Leave.

We have now decided to take strict action against hate mongers.

Blacklisted Person

Case 1: Ali Ansari (alicoolrocker)
This man is not our customer and unleashing hate on us. We are in process of legal action against this man.