Are You a Business Owner? Get GST Invoice and Save12% ITC When You buy Shirt.

Are You a Business Owner? Director or Founder of a Company?
No Shirt Company in India, Provides GST in Your Company Name When you Purchase Shirt for Office Work.

Formal Shirts are Work Wear.

Formal Shirts or Shirts that you Wear in your office or Shop is also a part of your Business Expense, like your Air-conditioner, Printer or Stationary. 
We are the first shirt brand in India to provide GST invoices for Business Owners in Your Business name for your purchase of Shirts.

Save 12% Input Tax Credit.

Simple. Buy shirts from us and mention your Company Name and GST Number in the Shipping address, when you Checkout. We will provide you with the GST Invoice in your Registered Business name (After the return window has closed.) and you can claim a 12% Input Tax Credit.

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